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As an Influencer, YouTuber, or Blogger, we understand that your audience is everything. It can be challenging to find the “right" products to promote to them, as you want to find something that not only pays you well, but provides real value to your followers. You understand that they trust you because they like you. But when it comes to earning income, you also want them to like and trust the products you recommend.

This is why content creators love the DealGecko affiliate program. Your followers will be grateful they’re being shown ways to save money on travel and everyday shopping. The best part is, when they subscribe through your affiliate link, you'll earn recurring revenue just for making a recommendation your audience will love.

What Is DealGecko?

DealGecko is a private savings network that allows its members to access huge savings on attraction tickets, hotels, dining, shopping, and more. Because of the unique partnerships we've built, we're able to offer our members discounts that are larger than those found on most public booking websites.

The average DealGecko member saves over $1,500 annually by using our deals. While anyone can benefit from DealGecko, our most successful affiliates are often those with established audiences who are part of the travel niche, theme park / amusement niche, parenting/family niche, or those in the savings/coupon niche. Nonprofit organizations also have great success increasing their fundraising by partnering with us.

In order to become an affiliate with us, you must first be a DealGecko Club member in good standing. Not only will it save you money, but you can then showcase the rewards as part of your message to your audience. Ultimately we want you to use DealGecko because then you will trust and believe in the product you are recommending to your followers.

We’re Committed To YOUR Success

When you decide to become a DealGecko Affiliate, we're prepared to help you earn as much as possible. Our program is managed with cutting-edge tracking software and offers a private affiliate login that allows you to track your earnings in real time

While most programs have a short window of time where your referrals are tracked, DealGecko affiliates benefit from 365 Day Cookies. This means that the followers and referrals that subscribe to DealGecko will be properly attributed to you for an entire year!

Once you sign up, you'll also gain access to our Professional Affiliate Promotions Toolkit, which includes marketing materials that you can use when you direct followers to your custom link. And to reward those who actively promote DealGecko, we use a tiered commission structure so the size of your commission will grow as you refer more paid subscribers.

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How Big Is Your Audience?

Even though the membership cost is just $9.99 per month, don't be fooled into believing you won't make any money or that this program isn't worth marketing to your followers! Take a look below at the earning potential based on the number of members you can reach from your audience. Not too shabby!

And if you sign up by 03/01/22 you will automatically jump up to the 40% commission rate for life. So if you want to calculate how many members you think would sign up based on your number of followers, calculate it based on the 40% rate and see what you can earn EVERY SINGLE MONTH!
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Want to Earn Even More Easy Money...?

As if all the benefits of being an affiliate aren't enough already, we want to give you even more. That's why we launched our Affiliate Referral Program

Here's how it works:

You must be a DealGecko Club Monthly Paying Member in good standing.

You Must Be Signed Up as an Affiliate.

You Refer People/Organizations to Sign Up as Affiliates.

YOU EARN 10% of ALL of That Affiliates Member Sales EVERY MONTH!
How Awesome Is That???
Let’s break it down.
Here's ALL the good stuff you're getting...
  • Residual Income
  • ​One Year Cookies
  • Grab Tons of Marketing Material in Your Member Portal
  • ​Payouts Via Paypal 
  • ​Use Direct Links from Your own Blog or Website 
  • Immediate Access to the Affiliate Members Facebook Group
  • BONUS - ​Get Paid Every Two Weeks!!!
  • ​BONUS- ​Track All Commissions Paid and Upcoming in Real Time!!!
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